See Getting started: How to create a Website

Basic Options

These can be accessed by right-clicking the "S" in the top-right next to the sharing icon .

Primary Node

The primary node serves as the homepage. It's title is the website's title, and its content is homepage content. Simple.

Anything not attached to the primary node will not be visible in the menu, but may still be linked to. Make personal notes this way.

Menus are ordered based on the distance of each item from its parent - closest first. To reorder them, move them closer or further from their parent.

Children of the primary base node will serve as pages and be ordered on the menu. Their children will make up sub-menus.

To create a sub-menu on the homepage, attach a node titled "/" (no quotes) to the primary node and any of its children will be used for the sub-menu of the homepage. Because children of the base node are used to formulate the menu. Easier done than said.

Enable global drop-down menus by adding and publishing a node titled [menudrop].

Enable specific drop-down menus by adding -dd to the end of a node. (e.g. About us -dd) Children of that specific node will then appear in a drop-down.


Special Nodes

Using this node the browser title (not the title visible on the page, but the text visible on a browser's tab) of a website will be the text contained within it.

Adds a subtitle element at the top of the page.

Place an @ at the beginning of a node to place an email popup in your menu along with your pages. See "Contact" at the top of this page for a working example.

!search Text
Place a search box in your menu. "Text" (optional) is the placeholder text.

fa-rocket Text
FontAwesome classes will automatically be converted to icons. For example, fa-rocket will be replaced with , a rocket.
On your menu it would appear as  Text.
Here's a List of FontAwesome classes. (Prefix them with fa-.)

Surround with parentheses to create a pill or call-to-action button.
(@Text) for an email pill.

[head] [javascript] [css]
Any nodes that begin with these titles (i.e. "[css]" or "[css] 1" or "[css] stars") will insert the code of this node into the head tag of the website. So you can store <script>some code</script> that you wish to include or <style>custom style</style> (in addition to the main CSS).

[bdiv] ID
Creates a persistent <div> injected at the bottom of the main #b <div>. This is useful for certain advanced scenarios. "ID" will be id of the <div> for applying CSS and practical visual organization.

[top] optional_text       Experimental
Inject these at the top of the page, just below the <body> tag.

[ajax] optional_loader_style       Experimental
Activates a faster ajax mode of website.
Optional loader styles: rainbow (default), eclipse, cube, print1, print2, print3, print4




Shortcode is used in the content of notes to create special elements.
Spaces_in_text need to be replaced with an underscore _.
Most parameters are optional.

[mail title=t class=t email=t header=t]
Display a button to open a form for sending you e-mail.
Class may be used to apply custom css classes to the button.
Email sends to another email address.
Header changes the title on the form. See example.
See advanced forms for more options.

[feed url=t limit=n]
Display an rss feed.

[calendar id=t limit=n title=t]
A feed of Google Calendar entries. (calendar must be made public)
To find an id, See: Get your calendar address. ID will be contained within the address and will look like: jiaqbf8ajdf5g%40group.calendar.google.com

[pocket user=t]
A feed of Pocket entries. (RSS feed must be made public, see: Pocket Privacy Controls)

[social facebook=id twitter=id instagram=id email=1 custom=commands,exclamation]
A fast way to Create a Social media strip. 

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • instagram
  • tiktok
  • gplus
  • linkedin
  • pinterest
  • tumblr
  • youtube
  • email
  • soundcloud
  • bandcamp
  • vk
  • spotify
  • itunes
  • web (web=https://site.com or web=https://site.com,tree) *tree=FontAwesome id
  • custom (same format as web)

[tagcloud title=t s=date e=date nodate=1 maxsize=n nosize=1 list=1 hideuntagged=1 url=t]
Display a "tag cloud" based on currently set tags. Optional parameters:
s = start date.
e = end date.
nodate = hide date range text if specifying a date.
maxsize = maximum font size.
nosize = no automatic font size variation.
list = display as a list instead of a cloud.
hideuntagged = hide "untagged" if set.
url = direct links to a specific page, where /?tag=elf becomes /url?tag=elf) Useful in some instances.

[music id=t controls=0 autoplay=0 progress=1 title=1]
ID can be a youtube video id (ex. D9CleU2A1XQ) or SoundCloud address.
Optional parameters:
controls=0 (hide play/pause buttons and link)
autoplay=0 (don't play automatically)
progress=1 (show progress bar (SoundCloud only))
title=1 (show current track title (SoundCloud only))

[include id=node_id]
Include another node (e.g. contents or scripts).
(Shift+right-click > "Copy ID" to find a node's id.)

[list id=node_id class=t,t]
List all children (2 levels) of node_id. If no id is provided, children of that page will be listed.
class = Apply additional classes to the UL element. (comma separated)

[random id=node_id class=t,t]
Display a random paragraph (<p> or <div>) from the specified node's content.
Or, if the node is empty, display the title of a random child node.
This can be used to show a random quote, or "tip of the day", for example.
class = Apply additional classes to the base element. (comma separated)

[search title=t]
Show a search box.
title = placeholder text.
If you need to exclude a published node from search results for whatever reason (e.g. includes, ajax data), it can be prefixed with an exclamation (e.g. !Title).

[translate lang=en]
Embed Google translate on your site (as on top of this page). Place in a [footer] node so it will show on every page, and position with CSS. Show example css
lang = optional 2 letter language code if original site is not English.

[editdate format=M_jS_Y]
Shows date page was last edited.
format = optional (php date values) (use underscore for spaces)
Examples: [editdate] = November 28th 2020
[editdate format=Y-m-d] = 2020-11-28
[editdate format=M_j,_Y] = Nov 28, 2020


Personal Design & CSS Customization

Nearly all aspects of design can be customized via CSS, and edited from within the website (Click Styler hidden in the top-right corner, or press Ctrl+F12.), or start with a pre-made template. Must be signed in and owner.
With the Style Editor open, hold shift to show element path, id, and classes. Ctrl-click path to hide them.

If you're new to CSS feel free to ask for help by email or Facebook.
Or refer to this starter guide.
Or jump into the Styler, pick a template, and start changing things and see what happens.


Web Address & Domains

There are several options when it comes to domains.

  1. myname.com – Use your own. Send an email to get that setup.
  2. myname.mind.im – Your own sub-domain, just like sky.mind.im.
  3. 1234.mind.im – Numeric. This is default and always exists. It can also be useful when want something short even if you're using one of the others.

Individual page addresses, such as sky.mind.im/mypage can be set in Publisher.


One-page Wonders

Create a one-page, multi-section website (like this) by adding child nodes that start with a #number sign. (Order is determined by distance from parent.) Example:


Extra Footers

Want to add unique footers to specific pages? Title nodes in the following way...

Contents of this node are added to the foot of the page mysite.mind.im/about-us.

This node would be added to mysite.mind.im/2689.

This would added to the foot of a page where someone has searched for Unicorns.

Contents of this node are added to the homepage only.

footer?user  or  footer?notuser
Visible to logged in MindSky users or non-users.

(Others... footer?cat= footer?item= footer?brand=)


Social Sharing

How do I get a preview of my website to show up when I share on Twitter or Facebook?

  1. take a screenshot of your website
  2. open site options (right click the S)
  3. find "Image" and click "Select"
  4. drop screenshot into the file explorer to upload it and then click it
  5. Save
  6. Check that it's working at: