URL Tricks

Other than linking to any URL, the follow types offer a unique experience:

  •  YouTube videos and playlists
  •  Vimeo videos
  •  Facebook videos
  •  Audio files (.mp3, .wav, etc.)
  •  MindSky notes (jump to another note)
  •  MindSky dimensions
  •  Web search "s search term"
  •  MindSky search "? search term"
  •  YouTube search: "yt search term"
  •  Soundcloud links


To set start and end time on an audio file

  1. Start in seconds: http://audio.kryon.com/en/Sat-main-Spain.mp3#t=622
  2. Start/End in seconds: http://audio.kryon.com/en/Sat-main-Spain.mp3#t=622,644
  3. Start in time: http://audio.kryon.com/en/Sat-main-Spain.mp3?t=10:22
  4. Start/End in time: http://audio.kryon.com/en/Sat-main-Spain.mp3?t=10:22,10:44


To link to another MindSky node

  1. First find out the node's id: Shift+Right-click  > Copy id
  2. Paste that into the URL field of any other node.
    Example: node:3 or just 3

To link to another MindSky dimension

  • Go to a page and find the numerical id in the address bar. It will look like p31. In that case, 31 is the id. Enter page:31 into a node's URL field to link to a dimension (aka page).
  • The id can also be found in the menu under Active page > Copy ID


To set start time on a YouTube link

  • Start time: https://youtu.be/3CxCY1SWwbc?t=30m49s


Audio controls

When audio is open, and editor is not focused...

  Play/Pause Space or Middle-mouse (on background)
 Back 5s Left-arrow (+Shift 20s, +Ctrl 2m)
 Forward 5s Right-arrow (+Shift 20s, +Ctrl 2m)
 Vol up Up-arrow
 Vol down Down-arrow