MindSky and Reader share the same user account.

Reader is an app for saving articles without webpage clutter for a better reading experience. Articles can be highlighted and shared. It includes multiple light/dark themes and font options. See an example article.


 Get the extension or use a bookmarklet.


Key Commands

~ (tilde) - Theme/Display options


  • T : Tags
  • S : Search
  • + , = : Add article
  • Esc : User panel


  • ‚ÄčT : Tag
  • B : Toggle bookmarks
  • F : Toggle full screen
  • Esc : Close article



MindSky users

Reader is an app unto itself, whether you use MindSky or not, but if you do they are integrated.

MindSky  Reader

Any node can be included in your Reader by adding the tag "article" (no quotes).

Reader  MindSky

Any article added to Reader is kept separate from your MindSky workspace, but accessible under: Menu / Extras / Orphans. Any orphan can be dragged into your MindSky workspace.