Create music and video playlists.

Any note containing YouTube addresses can pop out as a Playlist.

  1. Add YouTube addresses to a note
  2. Right-click node and select  Playlist

You can make a music playlist, and play it on repeat  or shuffle .
You can make a playlist of educational videos or movie trailers.

Resize the window to resize the video.

Sample playlists:


Playlist Keyboard Shortcuts

Media buttons play/pause, skip, and media button work (when the window is focused).

Ctrl ←/→: Prev/Next track
Ctrl ↑/↓: Volume
Shift ←/→: Jump 10 seconds
Space: Pause/Play
Ctrl-click: Copy video address
R: Toggle Repeat
S: Toggle Shuffle
F11: Fullscreen
/: Toggle Size
1-9: Play track # (0=10, shift=11-20)


Link to a playlist popup




Link to a playlist on a website

Copy this code and replace XXXX with the playlist ID:

Hide video with nv=1: (Example)


Playlist in an iframe