Get Started

Bonus Step: Open some tunes ♫ 

  1.  Create an account.
  2.  Open MindSky and go through the brief tutorial.
  3.  Start creating nodes 
    • Right-Click / Double-Click / Enter key
    • Type + press enter to save.
    • Drag & drop nodes to connect.
  4. Things to try
    • Create nodes.
    • Connect nodes.
    • Open, edit, and customize nodes.
    • Drop text + video (YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook) links into MindSky.
    • Like MindSky on Facebook (below )
  5. "Add to Desktop" in Chrome for convenient access.
     > More tools > Add to Desktop (open as window ✔)
  6. Explore further...


Starter Templates

Check out some pre-made templates you can use.

More on templates.


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