Geo-tagging allows you to have a geographical location assigned to a note. You can see where you wrote it or a location that it applies to. Maybe it's a note about a restaurant you went to? Or notes that relate to a particular job-site.

Press M to open a map of all notes with a location assigned.

There are 2 ways you can geotag a note. One is by turning on the option to tag new notes automatically. The other is to set a location manually.


To Geotag all new notes automatically

  1. Press O to access account options
  2. Tick Geo-tag new
    Now any new notes will be marked with the location of where they are created.


To set the location of a note

  1. Shift + Right-click  a note
  2. Select Geotag to 
  3. Touch the map or drag the pin to where you want it and press OK


To set the location of an opened note

  1. Mouse over the title icon (Default: ) to bring up options
  2. Click  the  to use your current location
  3. Or Right-click  the  to set another location manually


Public Locational Notes

Notes made public are visible to all users on their own map. This does not include items shared in other ways, but only using the method below. Public notes can be spotted with their own unique marker , while your own appear as .

Hide public markers using the toggle button  on the map.

To share a geo-tagged note publicly

Only applies if a location is set.

  1. Mouse over the title icon (Default: ) to bring up options
  2. Click  the  (next to ) to toggle between Public  and Private 
  3. Select OK to confirm.