Facebook Messenger

 This is experimental but feel free to try it out.

You can interact with MindSky through Facebook Messenger.

Say "hello" and you will be greeted by a bot. It doesn't have name yet. Perhaps it will. What do you suggest?


Here are few examples the bot will respond to...

  • Hello, hi
  • Bye, see ya
  • What is MindSky?
  • Who are you?, How old are you?, Where are you?, Do you like me?
  • Unicorn
  • Help
  • Docs
  • Blogs, Sites

MindSky Interaction

However these messages may be of more use to you, as the robot is not the most versed conversationalist, although if you tell him he's a bad robot he will let you know how he feels about that. Aside from Login and Logout these all require you to be logged in (or "linked").

  • Login
    • Check whether your messenger account is linked to your MindSky account. If not you'll be presented a button to link them. You will then most likely be asked to login to MindSky within the Facebook Messenger browser. Do so to link up.
    • If logged in you will be offered logout.
  • Logout
    • alternate way to logout (unlink Messenger account)
    • After unlinking, you will want to click the button presented to logout as well to be fully disconnected.
  • Save text
    • Save "text" (long or short or a URL) to your last opened MindSky dimension. It will be saved underneath and connected to the most recent node. You can organize it later when you access MindSky.
  • Recent
    • Retrieve a list of a few most recent nodes.
  • Find text / Search for text / Find tag:text
    • Retrieve a few of the most recent matching nodes.
    • Use tag:text to find matches by tag.
    • This feature will most likely be expanding on quite a bit more in the future.
  • View text / View 123
    • View the first match to "text" or specifically by numerical ID.
    • Due to Messenger limit, long items will be trimmed.
  • Last
    • Open the mode recent node
    • alternatively: Open last, Last node, Open last node


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