Currently in early release. Functional, but being shaped and groomed.


E-commerce features are available to the Diamond plan.

Use Merchant, an e-commerce platform for MindSky, to manage multiple shops.

  1. Manage products
  2. Manage orders
  3. Shopping cart
  4. Payment processing
    • Accept credit cards , PayPal , Bitcoin .
  5. Shop statistics and charts 



Setting up shop

Assuming you have already created a site...

  1. Open your site on MindSky
  2. Right-click the S (top-right corner) to open Site Options
  3. Enter your Stripe keys (2) and/or your PayPal email, and Save. A shopping cart will now be available on your website.
  4. Open Merchant. Navigate to {your shop} >> Products. Begin adding products.
    • Alternatively, you may use the shortcode [cartadd] to place an "add to cart" button in a node/webpage. This is fine for one or two products.
    • For custom product and shop-related options, see E-commerce Shortcode
  5. Now you're ready to get paid.


Handling your first order

  1. Open Merchant. You will see numerical indicator of open (new or processing) orders.
  2. Navigate to {your shop} >> Orders.
  3. Open the new order. Click notify to send the customer a notice/receipt for their order.
  4. Once it has been set in motion somehow, update the order status to Processing to indicate to the customer that the order has been accepted and is being taken care of.
  5. Once it has shipped, update the status to Shipped.
    • Enter a tracking number if you have it.
    • Click Notify to let the customer know that their order has been shipped.


Want to interact with customer on your website in real-time? Check out How to Add Live Chat to your Website