1. The Layout
  2. Basic Use
  3. Note Sharing
  4. Sharing
  5. Embedding
  6. The Navigation Map
  7. Search Tips
  8. Blogging
  9. Websites
  10. Geo-tagging
  11. URL Tricks
  12. Sync
  13. Encryption
  14. Developers
  15. Reader
  16. Templates
  17. Exporting
  18. Importing
  19. Reminders
  20. Playlists ♫
  21. Web Clipper
  22. Facebook Messenger


Within MindSky, press R to access a reference.
Most commands are found there.

The Layout

The Main area will contain items that you create. Pages (or dimensions) are located in the top left corner. Bringing the mouse there or pressing P will reveal them. It will auto-minimize when the mouse is pressed in the main area. Click a page, or use up & down arrows enter, to open. The Menu  is in the top right corner, containing access to your account, options for the active page, and many other options and links.


Basic Use

To add an item to the screen, Right-Click anywhere on the background space. Then type a title and press Enter to create it. Any item may be clicked on to Open, and add further details and customization.
To move an item, press and drag.
To attach one item to another, drag and release it on top of another. This is a way of organizing. For instance, a 'Shopping List' would consist of a number of ideas attached below it, such as: Milk, Honey, Tea.
To navigate around the page, click and drag the background area, or use the arrows keys. Navigate using a mini-map by pressing the middle-mouse button and releasing at the spot you wish to go to, or by pressing space bar and clicking.
For options, right-click Right-click any item.
For extended options, SHIFT+right-click any item.
Additional options (such as color, size, shape, URL, etc.) are found by opening an item and hovering over it's icon (which is  by default).
Create a subtext node, by using this format:


Note Sharing

Right-click Right-click a note and select Share. This will bring up a web address that for sharing a specific note as an article. Search for /shared to see all notes shared using this method.



Click (top right corner) to open sharing options. Share with specific people by entering their email address. They must have an account, or create one. You can choose whether they will be allow to View-only or Edit the page as well. Share with anyone by selecting "Anyone with a link". Anyone that is given the link will then be able to View the page. Links will look like: https://mind.im/#p4aJYbv . A new link may be create by click "Re-generate link", at which point anyone with the previous link will no longer have access; only those who are given the new link will.
Individual items may be emailed by opening them and clicking .


Press your middle-mouse button  to bring up a mini-map of your notes. Release your mouse on that map to navigate to that spot on the map. Alternatively, press Space and click anywhere on the map to navigate. This feature allows you to quickly jump anywhere on within the open dimension.


Search Tips

  • /rhyme hello to find words that rhyme with "hello" (/r for short)
  • /syn hello to find synonyms for "hello" (/s for short)
  • /shared to find notes you've shared
  • /assigned to find items assigned to you
  • /vid to find all linked to youtube or vimeo videos
  • /geo to find all geo-tagged notes
  • /public to find all geo-tagged notes you share publicly
  • /playlist to find all playlists
  • /encrypted to find all encrypted items
  • /audio to find all audio recordings
  • www:hello to find web address/slug like sky.mind.im/hello
  • url:hello to find all linked to a URL that matches "hello"
    • url:mp3 to find all linked to MP3 files
    • url:youtube.com URL matches "youtube.com"
  • tag:physics to find all tagged "physics"
  • tag:physics,art to find items tagged "physics" and "art"
  • text tag:mytag to find "text" within items tagged "mytag"
  • p222 text to find "text" in dimension # 222
  • icon:alien to find all nodes with the "alien" icon
  • /reader apple tag:fruits to find Reader articles (/re for short)
    • /reader apple
    • /reader tag:fruits
    • /reader tag:fruits,berries
  • date:YYYY-MM-DD to find by date. Examples...
    • date:2018-08-18
    • date:2018-08-18 12 (by hour using 24 hour time - 0 to 23)
    • date:today (yesterday, this month, last month)
    • date:2018-08-18 edit to find by date edited instead of date created

CTRL-Click search results to immediately open them for editing. Useful for Reader articles as well.

To perform a search without closing what you're writing, click anywhere outside the typing area (to defocus it) and press F.

Pressing / (forward slash) will bring up search with a slash.



To set a reminder... Right-click on any node and select Reminder.
Currently reminders will only pop up if MindSky is open.