Create a website

Creating a website is easy on MindSky.

  1. Start a new page: Press Shift or Shift Enter.
  2. Click the sharing button   (top-right corner).
  3. Select Public Site and confirm OK when asked.
  4. Your site is now live.
  5. The first note is your homepage. Click to open it and write something in it. The homepage note is always published. Renaming it sets the title of your website.


A red S will appear in the top right of the page letting you know it is a website. Click the S to open your website.


Adding pages to your website

  1. Right-click the screen to create a new note.
  2. Name it whatever you like and press enter.
  3. Drag and drop  the new note onto the first/homepage note.
  4. Right-click  it and select Publish to make it live.


Setting your web address

Your website will start with a numerical address such as 123.mind.im. To give it a personalized address like mysite.mind.im, right-click  the S (top-right corner) to bring up site options. Enter a name into the address field, and if it is available press Save.

To use your own domain, just Send a request.


For more information on websites, see the Docs page.

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