1. Basic Setup
  2. Basic Options
  3. Special nodes
  4. Shortcode
  5. Personal Design
  6. Draft vs. Publish
  7. Post Formats
  8. Publisher
  9. Personal Domain

Want to see an example blog?

Basic Setup

  1. Create a page/dimension in MindSky
  2. Open sharing options  and share it as a blog.
  3. Right-click the "B" (top-right corner) to set options or left-click the "B" to visit your blog.

Basic Options

These can be accessed by right-clicking the "B" in the top-right next to the sharing icon .

Special Nodes

Special nodes may be created to enable certain features.

Use as the homepage.

Set info to be displayed at the bottom of pages.

Add a drop-down menu from a bullet-list  or content.

Content under the page title.

Customize the browser title of the homepage.

Set info to be displayed in a side panel.



These make use of special features, such as displaying a feed or mail-form button. These may be used with default values [recent] or optionally with values [recent total=32]. Shortcodes available are... (For values: n means a number and t means text. Text values must contain no spaces. Use + symbol to represent spaces.)
[tagcloud title=t]
Display a "tag cloud" based on currently set tags.
[recent total=n title=t]
Display a list of recent entries.
[grid title=t size=n rows=n cols=n]
A grid of recent entries using images if available.
[mail title=t]
A button that opens a form for visitors to e-mail you. Try it
[calendar id=t limit=n title=t]
A feed of Google Calendar entries. (calendar must be made public)
To find an id, See: Get your calendar address. ID will be contained within the address and will look like: jiaqbf8ajdf5g%40group.calendar.google.com
[pocket user=t]
A feed of Pocket entries. (RSS feed must be made public, see: Pocket Privacy Controls)

[embed id=n]   or   [embed id=n]
An embedded MindSky dimension. Replace n with either the dimension id (ex. 33) or shareable link (ex. http://mind.im/#pxXxmlo)

[social facebook=id twitter=id instagram=id email=1]
A fast way to Create a Social media strip. 

  • facebook
  • twitter
  • instagram
  • gplus
  • linkedin
  • pinterest
  • tumblr
  • youtube
  • email

[parallax mode=t id=t]
Add a parallax effect to the page header, or to another element specified in id.
mode can be set to grow, grow2 or left blank for the default effect.
mode and id are both optional.

[tweetme title=t url=t @=t]
Make a line of text easily tweetable to Twitter.
url is optional. @ is a Twitter user to attribute to; also optional.


YouTube video and controls

[yt vid=t w=n h=n autoplay=1 start=n end=n]
Embed a youtube video. Although using the insert YouTube video button  is the preferred method, but this will work as well. Example: [yt vid=w-HYZv6HzAs start=111]

[ytseek id=n title=t start=n end=n]
Very useful - allowing you to create bookmarks that jump to a point in a video. The id parameter is optional and refers to the order in which the video appears in the document, beginning at zero: 0, 1, 2, 3... If id is not set it will act on the first video.
Start and end are in seconds.
Example: [ytseek start=111]

[ytstop id=n title=t]
Stops the specified video.

See example


Personal Design & Custom CSS

Pretty much every aspect of design can be customized with CSS styling. Edit CSS directly from within a blog and see changes immediately by bring your mouse to the top-right corner to reveal Styler. Click that! Must be signed in and the owner to access this feature.


Draft vs. Publish

Drafts are not visible on the blog. Published items are.


Post Formats

  •  Quote – "Title" begins w/ a quotation mark, and has no body.
  •  Tweet – title w/ no body.
  •  Image – contains an image in the content, and has little to no content.
  •  YouTube – video URL w/ no body content.
  •  Sticky – prefix title with +. These stick to the top of your homepage.
  •  Hidden title – prefix title with - (minus) to hide the title.



Publisher is designed specifically as an alternative for blogging. Some of it's unique functions are post Scheduling, Bulk Tag Editing, and importing content from other blogging platforms. It can be useful for skimming through a lot of date-based content and tags. Publisher doesn't get a lot of attention these days and remains in an experimental status.


Web Address & Domains

There are several options when it comes to domains.

  1. myname.com – Use your own. Send an email to get that setup.
  2. myname.mind.im – Your own sub-domain, just like sky.mind.im.
  3. 1234.mind.im – Numeric. This is default and always exists. It can also be useful when want something short even if you're using one of the others.

Individual page addresses, such as sky.mind.im/mypage can be set in Publisher.