Advanced Mailform

Create email forms on your sites with additional fields and custom subjects.

 Try this: Mailform Generator


[mail fields=Beta,fa-question-circle_Zeta,fa-question-circle_Multi(One|Two|Three) subject=Special_delivery title=fa-envelope_Special_Mail]

Special Mail

title = Button/link text that opens the form.

fields = Additional form fields to include. Comma separated.

Multiple choice select fields can be made using this format: Text(One|Two|Three), with choices separated by a vertical line | character, and surrounded by (parentheses).

Allow MULTIPLE selection with an asterisk.

Multiple: Text(*One,Two)
Single: Text(One,Two)

subject = Apphend a custom subject to the mail you recieve from this form. In the example above, the email you receive would have a subject of "Site Name: Special delivery".
Or use a ? (question mark) to allow users to enter the subject. Example

icon = Default icon for all fields that don't specify an icon.
(Example value: question-circle) Example using


 FontAwesome icons can be used as seen in the example (fa-icon). More info.

 Spaces must be replaced with underscore _ or plus +.