Add Live Chat to your website

This example uses Tawk, but any service should work. We'll use a [Footer] node to add it to all pages on your website.

  1. Create an account with Tawk. Tawk is free. 
  2. Get the embed code
    1. On your Tawk dashboard go to  Admin (left bottom)
    2. Copy the  Widget Code
      • (you can modify appearance here later)
  3. Now on your website dimension, create a node titled [Footer]
  4. Open [Footer]
  5. Click  to edit source code.
  6. Paste the embed code.
  7. And lastly, right-click and Publish [Footer] so it will appear on your website.


 [Footer] content will appear on all your website's pages. If you want it on only one page then put it on said page instead of footer.

 Make sure that when you edit footer later not to delete your chat code since it will be hidden when editing normally.

 Draft [Footer] to hide chat until ready.