Synchronization is in a beta period in it's life.

It just needs a little understanding to get going properly, in some scenarios.

To set up synchronization, you'll need a MindSky account. Sign up here and activate your account. Press the  button in your app and enter your account details. Press the  button to test it.

Changes are synchronized on your app when...

  1. resuming or opening the app
  2. or the  button is pushed
  3. or after a note is edited
  4. or a website item is published or drafted

For changes to be visible on the web, the browser must be refreshed. The aim is for all of it to be automated. But for now, by being aware of these things it's easy to use.

Dimensions appearing on the web and not on the device...

  1. Rename the dimension (same name will do). Then sync to bring it to your app.
  2. Then move any of it's notes on the web a little (so they will be considered modified). Sync to bring them to the app.

It is -temporarily- by design not to bring old dimensions to your app.

This should only be necessary with pre-existing items.

Audio and images do not synchronize yet. (A fix: Images need to have a full address "http://mind.im/user/1/uploads/image.jpg" to show on a device. Or converting it to base64 (copy base64 string in place of address) will make it available on a device even when offline.)

There is currently an issue where sometimes newly imported notes don't find their parent and come unattached. Just reattach them and they should stay that way.

Feel free to email with any questions!