MindSky is an open workspace.


"That's why I started MindSky: so I could handle all my notes."


A place for all your notes and ideas. It allows you to organize thoughts in a way nowhere else does. Highlight and share articles or ideas with others. It's designed to be simple. With MindSky you can easily publish your notes as a fully customizable website or blog. Stay connected between the web and your mobile devices. And, using MindSky is free.

Get a bird's eye view of complex projects.        Example Gallery


  •  Write notes.
  •  Publish instantly to websites the same way you write notes.
  •  Create lists.
  •  Save, highlight, and share articles.
  •  Draw.
  •  Map your work geographically.
  •  Set reminders.


"I sometimes find, and I am sure you know the feeling, that I simply have too many thoughts and memories crammed into my mind... At these times... I use the Pensieve. One simply siphons the excess thoughts from one's mind, pours them into the basin, and examines them at one's leisure." ―Albus D.


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